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Free Screening of Aftershock at The Independent Picture House

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Scroll down for RSVP form and information about the event.

When Project Enough, Planned Parenthood South Atlantic, The Independent Picture House joined forces to provide the Charlotte community a free screening, we knew it had to be a film that was impactful and powerful. Thus, we are proud to present the Paula Eiselt and Tonya Lewis Lee's original documentary Aftershock (2022).

The film follows the surviving family members whose loved ones were the victims of U.S.'s most pressing--yet least talked about--injustice in need of attention: the maternal healthcare crisis. The reproductive injustice in question, while it disables every person in society, disproportionately affects ethnic and racial minorities.

As stated by the directors of this award-winning documentary: "As women who have been witnessing the rise of mothers dying from complications from childbirth in the United States, we were both moved to investigate this crisis with the intent of amplifying the voices of those suffering, shining light on those in communities hardest hit and sharing the solutions coming from the very people who are still grieving". In effort to end reproductive injustice and address the inequities present in the American health care system, the film aims to ignite change in the ways we, as an institution built on the disparities of others, treat individuals who bear and deliver children.

So come join us on March 22nd at the Independent Picture House to learn, listen, and talk reproductive rights! RSVP here, so we have a seat saved just for you (and the friends you bring along).

Date & Time: March 22nd, 2023 at 6:30 PM

Event Address: The Independent Picture House

4237 Raleigh St, Charlotte, NC 28213


To honor the life of Shamony Gibson and support transformative maternal health activism in her memory, please contribute to the ARIAH Foundation. To honor the life of Amber Rose Issac and support transformative maternal health activism in her memory, please contribute to the Save a Rose Foundation.

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